LOVE, Gumdrops and Kisses

2.15.13 014

A few days before Valentine’s Day, my daughter asked if she could have a special outfit for her party at school.  I recalled that she really loved the Havana collection by Monaluna, my favorite designer.
When it arrived she proclaimed what she wanted each of the fabrics to made into of as we gleefully unpacked all of the bolts.  ” I want a skirt of out this one, PJ’s out of this one, OHHH and a pillow out of THIS one.” … and so on!
I did a little appliqué for the shirt I purchased at Target out of ‘Weave in Red.’ Here’s a useful tutorial on appliqué techniques.
 ombre quilt and V day 2013 017ombre quilt and V day 2013 022
For a skirt, I gave her the choice  of the ‘Gum Drops’ fabric or ‘Blooms in Red’ seen here.
ombre quilt and V day 2013 027
She selected ‘Gum Drops’ and I whipped up this little guy to accompany the shirt.
 2.13.13 015
The pocket I added on at the last minute to hold a couple of Hersey Kisses she wanted to share with her BFF.
2.13.13 0132.13.13 016
If you haven’t made a skirt they are generally REALLY simple to make. This tutorial is a good one to help with the basics.  Give it a try!
Anyway, here she is off to her party, happy as a lark and ready to hand out all of her little love notes.
 2.15.13 012
What did you make for your sweeties?

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