Fabric Friday: Sydney

A month or so ago I was looking over the inventory of the home decor fabrics in the shop searching for new inspiration.  When I logged in a few days later to put in an order with my supplier I found these beauties! My imagination went immediately wild!
 premier prints 001
Sydney is a bold, large scale geometric print in home decor weight fabric in a variety of NEW colors from Premier Prints.  All of the fabrics are 100% cotton.
Geometrics hold a special place for me because they allow me to really go wild with ideas.  Curtains, pillows, recover furniture, the possibilities are endless!
 premier prints 020
I whipped up an ironing board color from the Tangelo to brighten up the studio!
 quilt ironing board 027

Here’s a look at the five colors we have in stock.

Sydney Artist Green/Slub**

premier prints 008

Sydney Indian Brown/Slub

premier prints 026

Sydney Aquarius/Slub

premier prints 020

Sydney Storm/Twill

premier prints 013

Sydney Tangelo/Slub

premier prints 031
Which color is your favorite and what does it inspire you to create?
**What is Slub, you ask??
A soft, thick nub in fabric that is purposely set for a desired effect.

3 thoughts on “Fabric Friday: Sydney

  1. Wow! I bought fabric from your shop once and I’ve been following you on pinterest but somehow missed this blog until today. I just started following using google reader.

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