Ironing Board Cover DIY! You Can Do It!

2.27.13 037premier prints 031
As the southern half of the country starts to see Spring coming up in the form of tulips and daffodils,
it continues to snow and freeze here in the Northeast.
 It’s still grey and white with rare glimpses of blue sky. But that’s OK because there is color in the shop!
To cheer myself up I decided to make a new ironing board cover (which you probably saw a sneak peek of in my Fabric Friday post).
My daughter selected Sydney in Tangelo.  Her all-time favorite color!
I was thrilled when she selected it because it is just the pop of color I needed to remind myself Spring is on the way!
If you haven’t made one of these before it’s time to give it a try.
 I did not follow a tutorial this time as I have made several
of these at this point but I looked through this one and this one and they are generally what I did.
The only thing I did differently was to fold it over once, pin and sew then folded and
pinned a second time to create a 1.5″ pocket for the elastic.  Be sure to leave an opening to string the elastic through.
 quilt ironing board 025 quilt ironing board 022
I used whatever I had in the shop, which happen to be this twine and a closure.
Not the prettiest but it is tucked away so I opted for a finished project instead of
adding another unfinished project to the stack!
quilt ironing board 027
Two yards will make you TWO covers, so I suggest making one
for your favorite sewing addict after you have completed yours!
How would you brighten up your sewing room? An ironing board
cover like I did? A sewing machine cover? Fresh flowers? New fabric?!?

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