Sweet baby gifts

For me, there is no one more fun to sew for than a new baby and mother.  You can create a number of very special and unique gifts, most of which take just a little time and basic skills.
Good friends of ours are just about to have their second child.  They opted out of learning the sex of the baby until the little one arrives, so I thought it would be fun to do a gender neutral baby gift that could go either way.
12.29.12 001
There are so many woodland themed fabrics out there right now, especially in the organic fabrics, but Fox Hollow is one my my favorites. I have mentioned before how much I adore Monaluna’s work, and this is another example. She always creates something fresh and modern.
I lifted the images for the hand embroidery off of the prints using tracing paper.  Then I flipped the tracing paper over and traced the back side of the image with a heat transfer pencil.  Then I flipped it back over, laying the image with the heat transfer pencil against the fabric (right sides together) where I wanted the image.  Apply a hot iron for 10-30 seconds (more if needed with a press cloth) and just like that you have an image to guide your stitches.
Embroidery is great fun for me but I have never been fond of the images available for purchase or free on the web. A heat transfer pencil allows you to have endless possibilities, especially if you are able to draw well….which I do not.  Plus, this makes for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.
In this case, I had some a little onesie, hat and little pants hanging around (organics of course for my CA friends).  I took this fabric and used it as my guide to create these little lovelies.
12.29.12 004
12.29.12 006 12.29.12 007
I added in a few easy bibs just for fun too!
12.29.12 009
You can find the fabrics I used here.
If you would like, you can make coordinating booties too!

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