Show & Tell: Quilt by a customer

Occasionally a customer is kind enough to share their finished projects, which is incredible!

It’s a reminder and inspiration to get behind my own machine and to select carefully when purchasing new fabrics for the shop!

Today, Erin Otte-Meyer, a quilting enthusiast, is sharing one of her latest creations with us all!  What great inspiration; thank you Erin!  She created this modern quilt for a friend’s baby, Miles.  She prefers to make her quilts reversible so they are lovely either way.  Always my favorite philosophy!  Reversible is the two for one I try ALWAYS to embrace!

quilt frontquilt back

Erin carefully collects the fabrics, starting first with one or two prints that speak to her, and then building from there.  I adore how she stepped out of the idea of quilting by fabric collection and used her design eye to gather what spoke to her!  She did it so gracefully.

quilt folded

She tells me she takes the time to draw patterns out on graph paper and measure things out based off of the drawings.  After they are assembled she HAND QUILTS the blanket using DMC Cotton Perle #8.   For this quilt, in particular, it was her first time using yellow.  She felt unsure about it initially, but I think we can ALL agree it turned out amazing!


Erin quilts purely for her pleasure (and ours) however you are welcome to leave comments on her work here!

I’m sure she would love to hear your praises!

Erin did an AMAZING job of putting together a myriad of fabrics together across collections.  From left to right here is what she used on the front:

quilt front

  1.  Rings in Teal
  2.  Ball and Leaves in Sunspray
  3.  River Rock
  4.  Organic “Las Flores” in Mineral
  5. Wide Stripe in Sunspray
  6. Solid in Grey – Mod Basics
  7. Cocoons in Tin
  8. Chevron in Stone
  9. Organic Ellie Farm in Pool
  10. Dumb Dot in Citron
  11. Ta Dot in Stone
  12. Organic “Fois Bois” in Mineral
  13. Chainlink
  14. Pinstripe
  15. Spa Ikat in Citron
  16. Organic Mod Solid in Pool

And on the back (from top to bottom):

  1. Wide Stripe in Sunspray
  2. Ta Dot in Stone / Las Flores in Mineral
  3. Solid in Teal – Mod Basics
  4. Solid in Grey
  5. Fois Bois in Mineral

Binding: Rings in Teal

Thank you again for sharing, Erin!

Your quilt is a sincere inspiration to all who witness your amazing work!

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