March Sew Along: Week Two

Hey all!  Week two of the March Sew Along has arrived!  If you haven’t gotten on board yet isn’t too late to join in!
Last week we announced the project and picked the fabric. (I chose this.)
Week Two means it’s time to get out the rotary cutter (or scissors if you prefer) and put them to good use!
The tutorial calls for 36 – 7″ squares.  I cut my fabric 7″ by the length of the fabric and then cut the squares from there.  It made it easier to sort the light, medium and dark as I went (as the tutorial suggests.)
 March Sew Along - Week Two March Sew Along - Week Two March Sew Along - Week Two
The tutorial asks you to draw a diagonal line down half the squares and match each one with a non-marked square, right sides together.  I marked my lines on the RIGHT SIDE of the fabric. When placed with the right sides together I could not see the line!   So here is where I would make a suggestion.   Pair your squares with the right sides together and then mark the top one with your diagonal line and pin.
Recently, I discovered this nifty little pen!  For years, I’ve used those blue and purple pens.  You know the ones with the blue (water soluble) on one side and the purple (disappearing ink) on the other.  The blue side is never dark enough and wears out much too fast.  The purple side, that’s supposed to disappear, often doesn’t!  So frustrating!   This pen writes like an ink pen, in fact you can use it as a regular pen.  But when you iron over the marks they DISAPPEAR!  The ink disappears with heat or friction.  Genius, right??  When a friend turned me on to this pen I had to get TWO!
March Sew Along - Week Two
I laid out my squares several different ways before coming to this design.
March Sew Along - Week Two
Get your squares cut because week three will be here before you know it!  Week three we will be sewing it all together (the fun part!)
Let me know if you have any questions, hints or just feel like sharing pictures of your progress!

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