Housewarming Gifts Part 1: Cloth Napkins

Some friends out west are buying their first home after a long wait!
It’s an exciting time and I want to celebrate by sending a care package filled with handcrafted goodies.
I started with some napkins.
They are quick, fun and satisfying to create!
I started with a fat quarter each of Time Flies and Ikat from the Modern Home collection that had just arrived in the shop.
Two fat quarters resulted in eight cloth napkins and four embellished dish towels (check back soon for more info on these!).  However, I made the napkins a little smaller then I would have if I was to do it over.  I cut the napkins 11″ by 12″.  That left me plenty to do the dish towels.
I selected this tutorial because I liked the idea of mitered corners.
Turns out I hadn’t seen this specific method before and I am always up for learning something new!
I had to check in with the tutorial a few time as I made the first napkin to ensure I was on the right track.
Thankfully she included very helpful pictures to guide the way.
When the first one was complete I knocked out the remaining seven in no time at all!
As you will see in my next few posts, I paired these with dish towels, hot pads and an apron to make a lovely gift!

2 thoughts on “Housewarming Gifts Part 1: Cloth Napkins

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