March Sew Along: Week 3

Hello all!
For those of you sewing along I hope you are excited about Week 3!
(Click here for the Week 2 post.) This is the fun part, in my opinion.
This week we get to sew all these little guys into rows and discover how the quilt top looks when it comes together!
I don’t have a designated design wall, so I like to use my kitchen table to lay things all out and arrange, and rearrange them until I have JUST what I want.  When I was pleased with the layout, I stacked each row from left to right and then used a safety pin to keep the rows intact.  This served two purposes. First to keep the rows in order.  Secondly, the pin hole in the fabric shows me which side of the square is the TOP.   Once I had it all laid out I did not want ANY variation from my layout.  Those little pin holes proved very helpful!
March Sew Along Week Three
Another option, if you don’t like the idea of holes in your fabric, is to use painter’s or masking tape.
Rip off small pieces, label them with numbers, and stick them to each block.
Just don’t forget to remove them after you’ve sewed your blocks together! Or use that nifty Frixion pen!
I discovered another helpful way to use that Frixion pen I shared with you last week!
I marked each row as I went so they did not get out of order!  My day, likely like yours, involves unlimited interruptions.
This allowed me to get interrupted and STILL not have to use the seam ripper to deal with errors!
March Sew Along Week Three
Then I sewed each row and then the rows together!  It went surprisingly fast!
If I haven’t mentioned it before, while I’ve been sewing for years, I’m incredibly new to quilting, so don’t look TOO closely at the points.  However, I was happy with the overall look of the top when it was done. That middle chevron reminded me of Charlie Brown’s shirt!  I attempted to create an ombre effect within the chevron pattern in those two rows.  If I had cut out more squares at the beginning, I would have had more variety to work with and could have created this look with all of them.  Mental note for next time!
March Sew Along Week Three
Now to select the backing!
Pop over to my Week One post here and let me know which you think I should use.

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