Housewarming Gifts Part 3: Llama Love Organic Apron

When I unpacked these lovable Llamas, I knew they had to be an apron!
Maybe put a smile on your face as you do the dishes?
You can find the link to the tutorial I used here.
All you need to make your own:
* A fat quarter of the Llamas
* 1/2 yard of the Little Leaves 
Modern Home 084
This particular apron is part of a housewarming gift for friends who just became new home owners.
The apron goes along with these cloth napkins and these dish towels that I’ve made.
Makes me wanna bake something!  What about you?

2 thoughts on “Housewarming Gifts Part 3: Llama Love Organic Apron

  1. Hi Jodi! Love this apron and LOVE (once again!) Monaluna’s new collection. I had my eye on the coffeepot fabric with some of the new blue accent fabrics to make an apron as well … I’ll be returning to the US for a couple weeks in April and plan on putting in a big order with your fabulous Etsy shop! Love the new blog too! Take care! ~ Melissa (Surfing Baby & AHD!)

    • Thanks Melissa! Hope your adventure is going well and that everyone is exploring the new location. The collection is even better in person. If you drop me a note I can hold the order aside for you. Those little Llamas are nearly sold out. Check what she has cooked up for May release.

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