Envelope Pillows: Easy Room Refresher

envelope pillows 019New pillows are a simple project that can entirely change the look of a room with minimal required effort.
Basic envelope pillows are so incredibly easy to sew!
To begin, you will need an old pillow or a pillow form of any size as well as fabrics you love.
My talented friend Kelly, over at KelsCozyCorner, shared a quick cheat sheet to help you figure how much fabric you need for your size pillow. No math needed!
Thank you Kelly!
pillow fabric requirements
In this case, I elected to make pillows that have the same fabric on the front AND back.  This allows me to use one piece of fabric for the entire pillow. I started to write up a tutorial but this one is so well written and the pictures make it really simple to follow. I am not sure I could improve on it, so why try?
envelope pillows 016
If you would like the front and back to be different fabrics then you may prefer this tutorial instead.
All done!  Now you have a removable pillow cover that you can change out for the season, as you update your living space or just simply when you need to launder.
envelope pillows 005
Head over and check out what Kelly creates! She is talented, creative, and my personal pillow guru.
(Including lending me her bed for the pillow photo shoot!)
Which room at your home could use a pillow facelift?

3 thoughts on “Envelope Pillows: Easy Room Refresher

  1. Thank you this – perfect timing. I have some divine Marimekko fabric I wasn’t sure what to do with which will make perfect cushions for my mum for Mother’s Day.

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