Rainbow Stitch Skirt!

Rainbow Stitch Skirt

I don’t know about you, but I rarely use any of the gazillion decorative stitches on my machine.  I had pinned this long ago and thought it would make a lovely hem!

Finding just the right one was a fun mommy/daughter project. At almost seven, I trust my daughter to use the machine by herself now, so she scrolled through all the stitches and tried out a few dozen of them on scraps.

Rainbow Stitch Skirt

It was one of those perfect afternoons where we were both in craft bliss at the same time! Several times she declared that sewing was FUN! My heart sang! Like many of you, my mother taught me to sew, inspired me to create and encouraged me along the way. With my mother now gone, I only hope I can teach my daughter to have the same courage to try new things and experiment as my mother did so well for me.

In the end we settled on this one.

Rainbow Stitch SkirtHere’s my model taking it for a spin!

Rainbow Stitch Skirt

Any suggestions for what else you could apply this to?







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