Fabric Friday: Daffodil Edition

It was warm here yesterday. The first sincerely warm day in a very long time. The weatherman insists that there’s still some inclement weather yet to come (just in time for the weekend) so I figured now was my chance to get the first mow of the season done. While mowing the lawn on my Deere, my mini-me was riding around on HER Deere right behind me. While I did the bits along the road (where she’s not allowed), she snuck off and collected some wild daffodils to present to me! She held them behind her back and everything! Her smile, the flowers, the matching Deeres. Lovely day!

So today I selected fabrics inspired by the yellow daffodils that are popping up ALL over now that spring has arrived.

Sydney in Corn Yellow


Jo Jo in Corn Yellow


Solid in Corn Yellow


Hope you have flowers all around you as well! Happy Spring!

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