April Sew Along: Complete!

Happy day all!

So we left off more then half done with the bag!  First thing, before you tackle the gussets, be sure you press the seams open on both the outer fabric and the liner fabric.  I forgot to mention that in the last installment!
Gussets:  So…. I was going to go into detail about the gussets, however when I looked over the tutorial it was SO detailed! Her explanations and pictures were so thorough I felt there really wasn’t anything I could add without duplicating her work.  But if you have questions just let me know!
Assuming you have made the gussets and are ready to move forward, let’s go from there!
Next up is “Make the Button Loop.” I don’t use the button loop very often, hardly every actually.  I like easier…..so I usually use this elastic or just make a button hole. So I just skip this step altogether.  In this case, I used an oversized button so I paired it with elastic.
glimma canvas 030
Now on to finishing the bag.  Be sure to match your seams well before pinning it all the way around.
glimma canvas 031
In step 3, once your bags are pinned together, you will want to tuck in your key fob and elastic for the button  and pin in place.
Make sure the you tuck those straps in well.
glimma canvas 033
glimma canvas 034
And lastly, hand sew your button and you have yourself my version of this tutorial!  I call it the Biggie Bag! glimma canvas 041
I would LOVE to see your bag!
Share on our Flickr group and chime in if you have any hints or questions.
I love how this print worked for this bag!!
glimma canvas 057
Oh and here is another bag I just pulled out to take to yoga the other day!  Same method.
glimma canvas 035

3 thoughts on “April Sew Along: Complete!

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  2. Love those bags! Spring is always when I get the bag making itch–I am waiting for the new noodlehead pattern to come out to make a large one (I need a medium sized diaper bag). Until then it’s all zipper pouches (working on the 5th now!). I love the fabrics you used!

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