Twins in Stripes Quilt … minus one twin!

Kristy, over at The Vintage Clothespin, shared her clever pattern with me.
Thank you Kristy!  It was a REALLY fun project!
I whipped up the top of this quilt at the end of summer while tucked away at one of our favorite vacation spots in Michigan.
This is my temporary sewing room with an amazing view of a meandering river FULL of salmon the size of a five year old!
 MI and 1st day 2nd grade 077
I was searching for a few projects to work on while there since I would have DEDICATED sewing time while the rest of the family was fishing.  (…happy dance…. )   After going through all the options I kept coming back to this image and I knew it had to be the one.
I selected Weave in Red for my ruffle panel and binding.  Bright White and Stone solids for the remainder of the front and Buttons in Red for the back.  I ADORE that ruffle accent!  I’ve made a gazillion ruffles  while sewing little frocks for the Girl but it never occurred to me to use it as an element in a quilt.
 Guess that shows how new to quilting I am.
MI and 1st day 2nd grade 090
The pattern was  clear as could be and very easy to follow, which I am ALWAYS thankful for when attempting quilts!
misc 027misc 025
The one hint I would add is, in Step 4, while basting along the top and bottom of the ruffle, use a DIFFERENT color thread.
That way when you have to rip out the basting later on you will KNOW which one to rip out!
misc 028
What fun!  Now I just need someone to have a GIRL!  Lots of boys lately!
Has anyone else made one of these?

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