Ruffle Pillow and other goodies.

Auction 019
Recently a friend asked if I was willing to make a donation for a charity auction she’s a part of.   I thought of the Twins in Stripes, Minus a Twin quilt I just finished as an option but just the quilt felt too one dimensional to grab someones attention at an auction.  So I whipped up this little pillow, a trio of burp clothes and a little outfit to round it out.
The pillow picks up on the ruffle from the quilt and would be perfect for a nursery rocker.  It looked a little plain so I added the bow which prompted me to add the bow to the quilt as well.  Just gave it that little charm it needed.
 Auction 026
The back of the pillow is a button closure so really it can be reversible.
Auction 024
The trio of burp clothes are Monaluna’s  prints on the front (Gumdrops, Buttons and Wonderland) and organic cotton fleece on the back side.
Eiko 007
This little onesie and the hat are hand embroidered with designs lifted from the Wonderland print on the burp cloth.
Eiko 001
All and all I was proud of how it all came together.  Hopefully it does well in the auction!
If anyone is curious to learn how to transfer a design to fabric, like I did for the onesie, post in the comments.
If there is interest I can put together a tutorial.
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4 thoughts on “Ruffle Pillow and other goodies.

  1. I was the bidder and winner of the Twins minus One at the Festival of Trees Auction. Hopefully you can help and make me a same or similar set as my niece is having her shower the 30th of November and I would love to give her a get (for the twin girls)

    • Oh Yippee! SO thrilled you are the new owner of that lovely set and WHAT A GREAT cause! First off, CONGRATS on your (almost) new family additions. 🙂 Secondly, I would be THRILLED to get you all set up with what you need to complete the set! Email me at to hammer out the details! We should get to work in case those little girls want to come before Thanksgiving! 🙂

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