Whimsical Northern Exposure Quilt & Pattern Review

A while back a customer turned me on to a Lunden Design pattern that she was working with.
 I checked them out and was compelled to strike up a conversation with Melissa, the designer, and voila !
…fast forward to this!
Northern Exposure Quilt 029Northern Exposure Quilt 030
Melissa’s Northern Exposure pattern was SUCH a delight to work with!
I’m a novice quilter. So that’s saying something.
One of my favorite aspects of making the blocks was how forgiving they can be.
No tricky corners to match!  Simple to cut; a breeze to assemble and a very pretty ratio!
I made the crib size quilt which only requires 8 blocks.
I used these prints from the Raaga collection and whipped them up in a jiffy!
I think it was less then a few of hours of cutting and sewing.  Very easy.
 Northern Exposure Quilt 006
However, once I got them completed and laid them out I realized I wanted a little more softness.
The two blues are LOVELY prints for sure! Two of my favorite from the Raaga collection in fact.
 But I just craved a girly Raaga quilt!  So, I put aside 6 of the 8 and made six more.
No worries though!  The others won’t go to waste!
They will become lovely placemats in an upcoming post!
Oh and, in case you noticed, I added the sporty stripe down the center of the quilt that is not included in the pattern!  That was my addition….because I made a mistake creative deviation while assembling.
I would rather design around a mistake if possible. I rip plenty of seams already!
Most often the result of the creative solution is the detail I love the best about my projects.  It’s what makes them mine.
Northern Exposure Quilt 009
So finally I had all 8 ready to go!  The rest of the assembly was easy as pie.
Mel’s instructions are simple, clear and concise and I am, generally speaking, not always very patient with directions.
My husband will tell you I don’t even READ instructions….well Mel’s pattern proves I do….when they are written well!
Northern Exposure Quilt 007
Once the top was complete I was SO glad I went with my gut and remade those blocks!
For the quilting, I wanted to keep to the boxy, modern look of the design so it was straight lines all aroundNorthern Exposure Quilt 048
and little boxes in the boxes.
Northern Exposure Quilt 036
If you would like to make one you are in luck!  The shop has the pattern in stock!  (That’s how much I liked it!)
You can purchase the pattern alone, the pattern kit (any prints you desire) or you can purchase the pattern along with the PRE-CUT prints shown in this quilt!  How easy is that ?
WHAT?  Wait a minute !  You mean to tell me you will cut the fabric OUT FOR ME ?  Yup!  I KNOW how hard it can be to take on handcrafted in a world where  time, these days, seems compressed.  I wanted to make it as simple as possible to say YES to handcrafted!
Want to see what else Lunden Deisgns has to offer?  See her other amazing patterns in her shop!
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8 thoughts on “Whimsical Northern Exposure Quilt & Pattern Review

    • Oh THANK YOU Mel for the kind words! It was such fun to make! REALLY! Can’t wait until I can get the placemats from the unused blocks complete. They are all marked and ready to quilt and bind! Thanks for your creative inspiration! Keep it up!

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