Sew Fine Fabric was born from my love of all things handcrafted. My ever-crafty mother spent her days reminding me “you can do that” every chance she got. She could tackle just about anything she set her mind to and infected me with the curiosity to give “it” a try. Thanks Mom!!!

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve lived in and traveled around much of the Western US.  I continue to use those experiences to inspire my design esthetic.   My husband and I relocated to Northeast Ohio years back and we continue to be excited by the new scenery and opportunities to see and experience new locations.  Upon moving to Ohio we added a darling baby girl to our family.  She’s an inspiration every day and QUITE an artist in her own right already.  Husband and child together allow me the space and time to have the best job I could imagine!  Oh and I can’t forget our two other “children”, the twin Labradoodles!  You will see them sprinkled in frequently!

Gathered in my Etsy shop is a collection of wonderfully beautiful fabrics for you! All of the fabrics are obsessively chosen from high quality sources. I do my best to photograph the fabrics in “real light.” I know, from years of purchasing fabrics online, that those little thumbnails can’t tell you how the design translates. I shoot the fabrics from a variety of angles and distances so you, as the buyer, can decide if it is right for your project. In addition, I do my very best to represent the color palettes of the fabric as true as possible.

Stick around to see what I am up to, what is in the shop and what inspires me!  Share your thoughts and projects as well!

Kick up your feet and prepare to be inspired!  Enjoy.


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