Scrap solutions, zipper-style!

Back today with a couple more tutorials featuring quick and easy way to use up your scrap fabric. (Although when I see other people’s tutorials, I often end up liking their fabric choices and then want to use something new, which sort of defeats the using-up-the-scraps concept!)

1. Triple Zip Pouch by Debbie at A Quilter’s Table

Not 1, not 2, but 3 zippers! Debbie’s tutorial is super clear and easy to follow, so even if you’re a novice at zippers, you’ll be able to make this cute bag. Have fun mixing and matching scraps–you can even create a patchwork look for the back of the bag or the bottom section.

Tutorial graphic

And, going super small:

2. Teeny Little iPod Cozy by Emily at Mommy’s Nap Time

There’s just something about a tiny project that is so compelling! Even if you don’t have an iPod, I’m sure you can find a purpose for this flat little zip pouch. Be sure to pick fabric with a small print, though, or you won’t see the design.

ipod case tutorial

3. Pontoms Pouch by Emily at Mommy’s Nap Time

Another super-small project which can be attached to a keychain. Emily likes to make these out of laminated fabric, and she’s got a great upcycling tip for an unexpected source for this type of fabric.


Have you seen any great scrap tutorials out there? Let me know about them!