Quickest Quilt Yet: Reversible Apples, and Barns and Sheep OH MY!

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My daughter has been visiting a nearby farm, first for summer horse camp and now for weekly lessons, for a few years now.  The owners are a husband-wife duo we have come to absolutely adore.  The owner’s daughter just had her first baby.  Back in August.  , Between the end of summer activities and the back to school chaos (right??) I ended up a bit behind on a gift to celebrate the new arrival.

This little quilt was the perfect project for immediate satisfaction (and last minute gift giving!).
From start to finish the top took a total of … five minutes… to cut even edges. The cheater print, Apples Barn Cow,  from the organic Free Range collection on the front made a quick start.  Bah Bah Black Sheep on the back and Polka Oot in Black for the binding round out the rest of the quilt.
When it was done I realized….it was reversible.  BONUS!
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I drew the lines on the quilt diagonally in both directions with my beloved Frixion pen and sewed the back and front together with the batting sandwiched in between.  An hour later of easy sewing I had a quilt ready for the binding.   Seriously….an hour!
Three episodes of Project Runway later and the binding was hand sewn on!
All told, the quilt took about an hour of assembly, creating the binding and behind the sewing machine and just over two hours of hand stitching.  Not bad for a completed quilt!
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I didn’t write up a full tutorial but if anyone wants more information just let me know.
Any one else have a QUICK quilt to share?
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Raaga: The Fabric Siren

You know those fabrics–the ones that call your name, with soft yet demanding whispers, “Buy me! You know you want some!” Jennifer from Monaluna is releasing her newest fabric collection, Raaga, and it might have you hearing little voices. You can say you saw these beauties here first–we’ve got a sneak peek to share with you!

bolts s

Is that enough to whet your appetite? To let the fabric sirens warm up their vocal cords?


Raaga is a delicious mix of reds, oranges and pinks–those colors that shouldn’t go together but do–cooled off with teal and light, white backgrounds. Peacocks! Elephants! Prints large and small.

Watch for Raaga in the shop this summer.

Jennifer will also be releasing a few new patterns: The Tea Blossom Tunic

teablossom tunic s

and Loungers pajama pants. Can you say fun? The hardest part is deciding which print to use!

loungers and oranges s

Thanks so much to Jennifer for giving our blog friends a sneak peek of her latest batch of creativity. Can’t wait until it’s in the shop! If you’d like to be notified when the fabric arrives, leave a comment below and we’ll be sure you’re the first to know!

Housewarming Gifts Part 3: Llama Love Organic Apron

When I unpacked these lovable Llamas, I knew they had to be an apron!
Maybe put a smile on your face as you do the dishes?
You can find the link to the tutorial I used here.
All you need to make your own:
* A fat quarter of the Llamas
* 1/2 yard of the Little Leaves 
Modern Home 084
This particular apron is part of a housewarming gift for friends who just became new home owners.
The apron goes along with these cloth napkins and these dish towels that I’ve made.
Makes me wanna bake something!  What about you?

Fabric Friday: Easter-Inspired Duo

Happy Friday!
I, for one, am looking forward to the weekend after a hectic week!  This weekend is especially welcome as sewing is part of the “To Do” list!  There are a few Easter goodies on my list.  Which got me thinking an Easter outfit!   Normally, I purchase an Easter dress for my daughter; however this year it’s just our little family to celebrate so we are going Easter casual.  I wanted to make her a skirt out of one of these little lovelies.   I couldn’t quite decide so here is a duo for you!



I’m leaning towards that wonderful chevron but those buttons keep calling out to me!
Which would you vote for?

Crayon Caddies

When it seems like winter is never going to end and kids start getting stir crazy, I like to whip up a bunch of these crayon caddies for my daughter’s friends. She loves to pick the fabrics and the past couple of years she was able to help with the sewing, which makes it more fun for us both! There are a gazillion tutorials out there. Here is how I make mine.
You will need:
Two coordinating fabrics cut 10 inches by 12 inches. (I found mine here by my fabric designer crush, Monaluna.)
Put your two cut pieces right sides together, pin and sew up two shorts sides and one of the long sides. (Usually prints that can go any direction are best.) Clip the corners where you have sewn to make it lay flat when you turn it. Turn inside out and poke those little corners. I use my super fancy rouge chop stick, everyone should have one! Press. On the open side fold it in about a half an inch. I eye ball this because children are not all that concerned about the evenness. However, if you would like, you can use the disappearing ink pen and mark a straight line to make sure it is even before folding in. Press.
Open side to the right (or to the left if you made it all upside down… which I have done TOO many times to mention) fold over the bottom about 3-3.5 inches to create the pocket. Slip the ribbon, folded over, into the open side and pin. Sew both long sides up.
Now mark the outside of the flap in one inch intervals with your ruler and disappearing ink pen.
Sew those up and you are all DONE! Should take about 30 minutes or so.
These are darling class gifts or birthday party favors, and they’re perfect for all those little scraps hanging around! Can be made for markers, pencils, etc. Once you make one, you can adjust it as needed.
My daughter is not satisfied with just six color choices so I make her bigger ones. Just cut your fabrics 10 inches by 20 inches, sew up TWO long sides and one short side with the right sides together and mark the crayon pocket lines with the pen at 1.5 inches instead.
You can do that for sure! Easy Peasy!
Happy sewing!

LOVE, Gumdrops and Kisses

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A few days before Valentine’s Day, my daughter asked if she could have a special outfit for her party at school.  I recalled that she really loved the Havana collection by Monaluna, my favorite designer.
When it arrived she proclaimed what she wanted each of the fabrics to made into of as we gleefully unpacked all of the bolts.  ” I want a skirt of out this one, PJ’s out of this one, OHHH and a pillow out of THIS one.” … and so on!
I did a little appliqué for the shirt I purchased at Target out of ‘Weave in Red.’ Here’s a useful tutorial on appliqué techniques.
 ombre quilt and V day 2013 017ombre quilt and V day 2013 022
For a skirt, I gave her the choice  of the ‘Gum Drops’ fabric or ‘Blooms in Red’ seen here.
ombre quilt and V day 2013 027
She selected ‘Gum Drops’ and I whipped up this little guy to accompany the shirt.
 2.13.13 015
The pocket I added on at the last minute to hold a couple of Hersey Kisses she wanted to share with her BFF.
2.13.13 0132.13.13 016
If you haven’t made a skirt they are generally REALLY simple to make. This tutorial is a good one to help with the basics.  Give it a try!
Anyway, here she is off to her party, happy as a lark and ready to hand out all of her little love notes.
 2.15.13 012
What did you make for your sweeties?