Quickest Quilt Yet: Reversible Apples, and Barns and Sheep OH MY!

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My daughter has been visiting a nearby farm, first for summer horse camp and now for weekly lessons, for a few years now.  The owners are a husband-wife duo we have come to absolutely adore.  The owner’s daughter just had her first baby.  Back in August.  , Between the end of summer activities and the back to school chaos (right??) I ended up a bit behind on a gift to celebrate the new arrival.

This little quilt was the perfect project for immediate satisfaction (and last minute gift giving!).
From start to finish the top took a total of … five minutes… to cut even edges. The cheater print, Apples Barn Cow,  from the organic Free Range collection on the front made a quick start.  Bah Bah Black Sheep on the back and Polka Oot in Black for the binding round out the rest of the quilt.
When it was done I realized….it was reversible.  BONUS!
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I drew the lines on the quilt diagonally in both directions with my beloved Frixion pen and sewed the back and front together with the batting sandwiched in between.  An hour later of easy sewing I had a quilt ready for the binding.   Seriously….an hour!
Three episodes of Project Runway later and the binding was hand sewn on!
All told, the quilt took about an hour of assembly, creating the binding and behind the sewing machine and just over two hours of hand stitching.  Not bad for a completed quilt!
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I didn’t write up a full tutorial but if anyone wants more information just let me know.
Any one else have a QUICK quilt to share?
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Show & Tell: Quilt by a customer

Occasionally a customer is kind enough to share their finished projects, which is incredible!

It’s a reminder and inspiration to get behind my own machine and to select carefully when purchasing new fabrics for the shop!

Today, Erin Otte-Meyer, a quilting enthusiast, is sharing one of her latest creations with us all!  What great inspiration; thank you Erin!  She created this modern quilt for a friend’s baby, Miles.  She prefers to make her quilts reversible so they are lovely either way.  Always my favorite philosophy!  Reversible is the two for one I try ALWAYS to embrace!

quilt frontquilt back

Erin carefully collects the fabrics, starting first with one or two prints that speak to her, and then building from there.  I adore how she stepped out of the idea of quilting by fabric collection and used her design eye to gather what spoke to her!  She did it so gracefully.

quilt folded

She tells me she takes the time to draw patterns out on graph paper and measure things out based off of the drawings.  After they are assembled she HAND QUILTS the blanket using DMC Cotton Perle #8.   For this quilt, in particular, it was her first time using yellow.  She felt unsure about it initially, but I think we can ALL agree it turned out amazing!


Erin quilts purely for her pleasure (and ours) however you are welcome to leave comments on her work here!

I’m sure she would love to hear your praises!

Erin did an AMAZING job of putting together a myriad of fabrics together across collections.  From left to right here is what she used on the front:

quilt front

  1.  Rings in Teal
  2.  Ball and Leaves in Sunspray
  3.  River Rock
  4.  Organic “Las Flores” in Mineral
  5. Wide Stripe in Sunspray
  6. Solid in Grey – Mod Basics
  7. Cocoons in Tin
  8. Chevron in Stone
  9. Organic Ellie Farm in Pool
  10. Dumb Dot in Citron
  11. Ta Dot in Stone
  12. Organic “Fois Bois” in Mineral
  13. Chainlink
  14. Pinstripe
  15. Spa Ikat in Citron
  16. Organic Mod Solid in Pool

And on the back (from top to bottom):

  1. Wide Stripe in Sunspray
  2. Ta Dot in Stone / Las Flores in Mineral
  3. Solid in Teal – Mod Basics
  4. Solid in Grey
  5. Fois Bois in Mineral

Binding: Rings in Teal

Thank you again for sharing, Erin!

Your quilt is a sincere inspiration to all who witness your amazing work!

March Sew Along

March is here and it’s time to get together and sew a little something up!  Personally, I have few friends nearby who sew, let along quilt, so I would LOVE for you all to sew along with me!   It’s SO much more fun to sew together so please join in!
How does a Sew Along work?
First we pick a project!   This month’s project is this lovely little quilt designed by Caroline over at Sew Caroline.


I adore how Caroline married two current trends in this baby blanket; ombre and chevrons!   She selected the Solid Ombre in Grey from the V and Co.’s Simply Color collection presented by Moda Fabrics.

Each week I will be posting on my progress with pictures, hints, and relevant tutorials.
Week One:  Project announced.  Time to select your fabrics!
Week Two: Start cutting and select your layout!
Week Three: Here is where we will get behind the machine and piece the top!
Week Four: Finally we will quilt and bind!  And of course pictures!  By this time there will be a Flickr group set up for all of us to SHARE our hard work!
I’m thinking of making my top out of this as my daughter is thrilled by orange!
I haven’t decided on the back quite yet.  I was thinking one of these.  Help me decide!  I’d love to hear your thoughts. Too much orange?
il_570xN.422995041_pzc8 il_570xN.413530013_6hnq il_570xN.396316654_pmxl il_570xN.315734849 il_570xN.315662282
So will you Sew Along?  Leave a comment and let me know. I’d LOVE to see what you create!

Ombré quilt

The V and Co. ‘Simply Color’ collection arrived in the shop a while back and included were these lovely ombre solids.

il_570xN.410659566_nsqi il_570xN.410684512_ahzp

When I came across this tutorial on Pinterest I was inspired!

It was pretty simple, even for a novice quilter like me.  Along with the duties of running the house, the shop and helping out at my daughter’s school, I was still able to sneak in enough time to cut and finish the top over the course of one day.

quilt ironing board 008

I wanted to make mine in the grey because Vanessa did not show that color in her presentation.  I knew immediately that this lovely Solid in Mustard would be the pop of color it needed for the binding to make it truly interesting.

2.17.13 004

My favorite part was how easy it was using one fabric to create the ombré effect instead of searching for the proper gradients and thus needing to make sure they all blended perfectly.

The only thing I adjusted on this tutorial was the size.  She suggested nine rows of nine squares.  I did nine rows of eight squares.  Um, not really on purpose…   But hey, now it’s unique, right?

I ended up hand stitching the binding which took about two and a half hours.  I used this tutorial for a quick refresher on the technique. I just downloaded a movie after the kiddo was in bed, grabbed a glass of Chardonnay and was done in seemingly no time.  This happens to be my first time and though it went faster than expected, my hands were sore when it was all said and done. Perhaps breaking it up over two sessions would have been more prudent.

quilt ironing board 005

(Don’t you love the chevrons on the back?!)

I was intrigued by this one as well.  Might see it as the March sew along!  My daughter would love one in orange!

Which color ombre is your favorite?