Do You Washi?

Washi Tacks

I stumbled across these DARLING little washi covered tacks on one of my favorite blogs a couple of weeks ago. They inspired me to sit down for a mother-daughter project on a rainy afternoon.

The kiddo and I got to work messing around and whipped some fun up with one of these.

There are more ideas over on my Pinterest board!

Washi TacksWashi Tacks

My favorite part of the Days of the Week tape is that it actually offers TWO fonts! So clever!

Washi TacksWashi Tacks

What is Washi??

It’s a decorative tape printed with different patterns made with rice paper.  These tapes originated in Japan in 2006 but are used worldwide.  The tape has a mild adhesive so you can reposition it as needed, which is extremely helpful for a clumsy crafter like me.

What is your favorite Washi project?

Peaked My Pinterest

This past week hanging out with my favorite six year old and her buddies reminded me how FUN it can be to have time to play and explore without the schedules of school! The weather finally warmed up today, enough for us to get OUT, take a walk and even have dinner alfresco (without a jacket!)!! Amazing!

Dressing for warm weather reminded me we don’t have enough Spring/Summer attire for the growing girl. When I went looking for inspiration I found this lovely pattern. Oh the possiblites!


This week my on again/off again yoga group will be on again, which makes me want to make a new one of these.


And during break the kiddo and I did a project like this which I’ll show you later in the week. SO fun!

Have a wonderful week!

Peaked My Pinterest: Washi Tape Projects!

If you have not been introduced to the world of Washi Tape yet, you might want to take a look at some of the goodies you can create!
There are so many fun ways to use it and a little goes a long way!
(Click on images for links)
To organize:
To give:
To celebrate:
To stand out:
To transform:
We have made pencils, cards and gift packages so far!  What have you made?