Here are helpful links to tutorials I’ve made.

If you try them yourself, post a photo on the Sew Fine Fabric Flickr page!

envelope pillows 019

Envelope Pillows: Easy Room Refresher


Easter Bunny Wreath

ApronHousewarming Gifts Part 3: Llama Love Apron

Circle Stitch Stripe BlanketQuick Striped Blanket

towelsHousewarming Gifts part 2: Embellished Dish Towels

NapkinsHousewarming Gifts part 1: Cloth Napkins

quilt ironing board 027Brighten Up Your Sewing Room: Ironing Board Cover

quilt ironing board 008

Ombre Patchwork

12-1-12-004Ipad or Kindle Cover


The Oh-So-Addicting Reversible Bag


Crayon Caddies

12.18.12 008

Babies Popping Up Like Tulips Booties

2.15.13 014Love, Gumdrops and Kisses Skirt & Matching Shirt

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